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  • An Exercise in Global Competency – Connecting Students to Bigger Ideas. By Dr. Christine Powell

    Exercise in Global Competency – Connecting Students to Bigger Ideas

    Although global competency is defined in various ways, the sweeping changes of globalization—new information and technologies, increasing economic integration, and the emergence of global environmental, economic, social and political challenges—demand an urgent and thoughtful re-examination of what is learned in the classroom for both economic and civic reasons.

    In January 2017, the U.S. Department of Education provided the following definition for a globally and culturally competent individual:

    Proficient in at least two languages;

    Aware of differences that exist between cultures, open to diverse perspectives, and appreciative of insight gained through open cultural exchange;

    Critical and creative thinkers, who can apply understanding of diverse cultures, beliefs, economies, technology and forms of government in order to work effectively in cross-cultural settings to address societal, environmental or entrepreneurial challenges;

    Able to operate at a professional level in intercultural and international contexts and to continue to develop new skills and harness technology to support continued growth.

    This definition is part of the look U.S. Department of Education’s Framework for Developing Global and Cultural Competencies to Advance Equity, Excellence and Economic Competitiveness.

    Calling educators interested in gaining global competency & learning best pedagogical practices. After taking online modules- I am making my way through the U.S. Department of State and IREX Global Education course & earning digital badges to share the details of my achievements in the course- Try it!

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