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  • Voyage Savannah Magazine- Thank you for sharing my story!

    Today we’d like to introduce you to Christine Powell. 

    Hi Christine, we’re thrilled to have a chance to learn your story today. So, before we get into specifics, maybe you can briefly walk us through how you got to where you are today?

    In 2019, I was in Singapore as part of an international educators program sponsored by the US Dept of State. Some of your readers may have heard of the program known as the Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching Fellowship. During my time in the overseas program, I learned a great deal about Singapore, as well as some of the reasons it is the most successful education system in the world. Little did I know that this knowledge would soon help me support struggling learners all over the United States.

    Shortly after returning from Singapore, COVID took the world by storm. Education went online, and learning turned digital. Teachers and parents across the country witnessed a gap in educational services and an increase in the challenges many students were having trying to navigate online learning. So, in 2020, I opened LearningByConnecting to help students overcome their unique barriers to learning. So far, the success of the students we serve (in grades 1st-college) underscore how important Education Therapy is for children experiencing difficulty in school.

    During Educational Therapy sessions, I help children struggling with ADHD, executive functioning disorders, dyslexia, reading, and processing difficulties. This includes organizational skills, time management, strategies for learning new things, and setting and carrying out goals. Each session is highly customized to the student as we work to assist them in creating lasting academic and behavioral change.

    I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle-free, but so far would you say the journey has been a fairly smooth road?

    One of the biggest challenges is meeting the growing need of providing academic support and behavioral strategies to students struggling in school. The return to school offered little relief as students were overwhelmed with navigating the new digital learning environments. Parents have told us they still feel helpless when it comes to assisting their children, especially with how to connect all the moving parts of an education system that is continually evolving.

    Also, some parents do not know what an Education Therapists’ role is and how it differs from a tutor. The biggest differences between tutoring and Educational Therapy is that tutors focus on a subject while Educational Therapists focus on how students learn. As an Educational Therapist, I take a holistic approach, improving a student’s academic performance, as well as psycho-educational and social-emotional goals.

    With an educational background in teaching and an interest in human neuro-science, I have always been interested in how humans learn. My Bachelor’s Degree is in Sports Medicine, and I hold a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Old Dominion University. My Postgraduate Professional License is in Gifted Education from the University of Virginia. In 2017, earned a Doctorate in Education and Administration from California Lutheran University, and am currently a Google Educator; Accessibility expert with UCLA Smarter Balanced Consortium; Education Conference Presenter, published researcher and I write on access and equity issues centered on students with diverse learning needs. Most importantly, I am a mother. My two children, Conner and Callahan, inspire me everyday.

    Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your business?

    LearningByConnecting is providing a valuable service. The Education Therapists work together to improve the learning lives of students with ADHD, executive functioning disorders, dyslexia, reading, and processing difficulties. First we evaluate each student’s unique learning profile, to include strengths, and relative weaknesses. We then assist students in the development of learning strategies, such as setting education goals, organizing their agenda, tracking progress, assisting with homework, and moving past procrastination. We communicate with parents, teachers, and tutors, working together to help a student reach his or her goals. Besides referrals from parents, we also receive referrals through school psychologists, medical doctors, school personnel, and concerned parents.

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