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  • Fulbright Teaching Award Continues to Enrich My Life- Many Years After My Experience in Singapore

    President Biden said teachers are the “single most consequential people in the world,” beyond one’s parents, because of their influence over their students. As a career educator, I wholly agree that my influence is felt daily, and I strive to be a role model. I am continually elevating my learning to be more intuned to my student’s needs and have sought to be a true culturally responsive educator. 

    In my quest to elevate my learning, I have sought opportunities to interact with a global learning community. In 2019, I traveled to Singapore for six months as a Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching Fellow. This award is for outstanding educators from the United States to research and engage in professional learning experiences abroad. This research opportunity was transformative for me, personally and professionally, and I have stayed active in the global teaching realm. 

    To pay it forward, this week, I will partner with a fellow Fulbighter, Emily Litman, to present at the 7th annual Global Teaching Conference sponsored by the US State Department. We will present Building Global Competency in English Language Learners: an Executive Function Approach

    Here is a description of our presentation: 

    With thousands of students joining our school communities from diverse countries and disparate cultures, this workshop will engage participants in a discussion of how to foster global awareness and competence for students, including those with limited or interrupted schooling, through an executive function approach. Executive Functions are the essential self-regulating skills we use daily to plan, organize, make decisions, and learn from past mistakes. For students, these skills are often a predictor of school readiness & academic success. How can we actively engage these students who have already demonstrated strength, persistence, and resilience in celebrating their unique cultural contributions while helping them acquire the tools they need to become confident players in a globalized society.

    Please join educators and education stakeholders from around the world in a Global Teaching Dialogue –

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