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    Parent & Student Testimonials

    Through coaching and counseling, I help children who struggle with Executive Functioning through a highly customized process that will take them beyond checklists and organizers and into creating lasting change.

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    “When our daughter hit high school, it became clear that she needed support beyond what we could figure out or provide at home. We are now so happy with the progress she is making as she works with Christine. Our daughter instantly connected with Christine and felt comfortable sharing her learning needs, struggles, and successes. The time our daughter spends with Christine is always among the highlights of her week. Christine has seemingly endless resources available to help support our daughter. We are also thankful for the advice Christine provides when it comes to seeking the appropriate support within the school environment. It is such a relief to watch our daughter transition from feeling discouraged and overwhelmed to feeling empowered to advocate for herself and take control of her own learning process.” 

    2020 Southern California

    Jo K (Parent)

    “School is super hard for me because of focusing problems, especially now that I am in 8th grade and it is all online. Dr. Christine helps me with goal setting, breaking assignments up into parts, and developing a plan to get my (school) work done. My mom is so much less stressed and I am stoked that I am getting better grades than last year.”

    2020 Southern California

    J. Kipp (Middle School: Grade 8 Student)

    “Our Jeslyn was having problems reading and we didn’t want her missing classes with her friends to be pulled for remediation. After school, Dr. Powell helped Jeslyn catch up and pass her classmates in reading by using a research-based phonics program called “Letterland”. It is a perfect match to how our daughter learns and she is a confident reader now. My husband and I are proud of how far Jeslyn has come and Christine’s patience.”

    2020 Southern California

    R. C (Parent)

    My son struggles with focusing and staying on task. Some days are worse than others. So we set out to find someone who could help him with tools to stay focused and on task. Christine has done just that. She has been one of his biggest supporters. She’s given him tools and confidence. She has a way of connecting with him and getting him excited about small tasks. We’ve seen so many changes in him. We are excited to see him continue to grow and learn. Thank you Christine for all that you’ve done and continue to do for him!

    2020 Southern California

    JB (Parent)

    “Working with Christine has given me the skills that I will be able to take with me throughout life. I always look forward to meeting with her and have developed a lot of confidence through our sessions. She has helped me realize things about myself that I didn’t know and I have been growing so much as a person.” 

    2020 Southern California

    AK (High School (Grade 11CP Student)