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  • Samantha Mullen, MS. Ed.

    Practice makes permanent, not perfect. A graduate professor I studied under (and admire) used that catchphrase; I’ve found it to be true. In my seventh year of teaching, I find routine the second greatest asset to positive habits and progress. Building relationships with my students remains the foundation from which we work. Trust allows adaptability, which produces the best in us all. 

    After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh Summa Cum Laude and a University Scholar (top 2% in the College of Arts and Sciences) with a Bachelor of Arts in 2014, I returned to Fairfax County, Virginia and began substitute teaching. A year later I began a full time Special Education teaching position while earning a Masters in Special Education K-12 from George Mason University (2018). I am a Masters certified educator with credentials for Special Education K-12, English 7-12, and Social Studies 7-12. I focus on skill-based teaching, whether that be literacy or executive functioning/life skills. The social-emotional well-being of my students remains a priority in an ever-changing and charged world.