Empowering Learners with Personalized Education Therapy

At LearningByConnecting, we’re dedicated to offering support to help unveil confidence through personalized learning strategies that harmonize with your individual strengths and goals.

Whether you’re a concerned parent or an accomplished adult, living with the effects of ADHD, impulsivity, chronic disorganization, and daily challenges doesn’t have to be your reality.

By integrating essential executive functioning skills alongside a holistic, hands-on approach, you’ll be able to witness the transformation from feeling overwhelmed with everyday commitments to becoming empowered self-advocates while taking control of your own learning journey.

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Meet Dr. Christine Powell: Fulbright Scholar,
Doctorate in Education, and Your Biggest Supporter

Hi there, I’m Dr. Christine Powell, the visionary behind LearningByConnecting and cheerleader on your mindful growth journey. Drawing from my background in education and firsthand experience raising a child with ADHD, I’ve witnessed the remarkable transformations that result from integrating simple executive functioning skills into our daily routines. 

Having been immersed in the K12 system and actively involved with professional adults, I’ve seen the gap between the support people need to confidently navigate through life’s challenges and the reality of the systems in place for people struggling with the effects of ADHD.

I made it my mission to take the responsibility off the educational system by directly helping families and adults struggling with ADHD navigate daily challenges and put them on the path for lifelong success. 

Recognizing the potential to extend this support beyond my community, I was determined to offer nationwide virtual ADHD support, which led to the inception of LearningByConnecting.

“As an individual with ADHD, and also a parent of a child with ADHD, I did not always think of ADHD as a superpower, however, I have learned to harness my brain’s power…and my passion is showing others how to do the same.”


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Free 20-Minute Consultation

You’ll have a 20-minute session with Dr. Christine Powell. During this session, she will address your inquiries about ADHD, unique learning profiles, and Ed Therapy, offering valuable insights and answers tailored to your questions.