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  • Every Child has the Potential to Succeed 

    Unlock your child’s full potential with life-changing Education Therapy. Having a Unique Learning Profile means your child learns differently, and Education therapy may hold the key to unlocking their true potential, empowering them to overcome obstacles and thrive academically. 

    Partner with us on this transformative journey to help your child shine and achieve their wildest dreams.

    I Help Struggling Students Become Confident Learners

    Dr. Christine Powell is a highly knowledgeable professional in the field of Executive Functioning Education. With her expertise as a licensed Special Educator, Fulbright Scholar in Singapore, Published Education Researcher, and Education Therapist, she has transformed the lives of countless students with ADHD and other learning challenges and helped them overcome learning obstacles. Her dedication and guidance have empowered students to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

    “As an individual with ADHD, and also a parent of a child with ADHD, I did not always think of ADHD as a superpower, however, I have learned to harness my brain’s power…and my passion is showing others how to do the same.”                       Christine Powell 

    What Exactly is Education Therapy?

    Education Therapy combines therapeutic and research-based teaching techniques to understand how each individual learns. Students gain insights into how they process and use information by identifying their unique learning profile. Through this process, they develop metacognitive strategies that enable them to recognize and adjust their learning methods, ultimately building academic confidence and achieving success.

    Dr. Christine Powell is currently accepting student-clients for 60-minute sessions. 

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    A Family Intake appointment is the first step to working with Dr. Christine Powell at LearningByConnecting. You can contact us to schedule an intake appointment or an initial call to learn more.

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    Recommendations & Endorsements

    “When our daughter hit high school, it became clear that she needed support beyond what we could figure out or provide at home. We are now so happy with the progress she is making as she works with Christine. Our daughter instantly connected with Christine and felt comfortable sharing her learning needs, struggles, and successes. The time our daughter spends with Christine is always among the highlights of her week. Christine has seemingly endless resources available to help support our daughter. We are also thankful for the advice Christine provides when it comes to seeking the appropriate support within the school environment. It is such a relief to watch our daughter transition from feeling discouraged and overwhelmed to feeling empowered to advocate for herself and take control of her own learning process.”

    Jo K (Parent of High Schooler with ASD)

    “School is super hard for me because of focusing problems, especially now that I am in 8th grade and it is all online. Dr. Christine helps me with goal setting, breaking up assignments into parts, and making a plan to get my (school) work done. My mom is so much less stressed and I am stoked that I am getting better grades than last year.”

    J. Kipp (Middle School Student with ADHD)

    “Our Jeslyn was having problems reading and we didn’t want her missing classes with her friends to be pulled for remediation. After school, Dr. Powell helped Jeslyn catch up and pass her classmates in reading by using a phonics program called “Letterland”. It is a perfect match to how our daughter learns and she is a confident reader now. My husband and I are proud of how far Jeslyn has come and Christine’s patience.”

    R. C (Parent of grade 4 student with reading delays)

    “My son struggles with focusing and staying on task. Some days are worse than others. So we set out to find someone who could help him with tools to stay focused and on task. Christine has done just that. She has been one of his biggest supporters. She’s given him tools and confidence. She has a way of connecting with him and getting him excited about small tasks. We’ve seen so many changes in him. We are excited to see him continue to grow and learn. Thank you Christine for all that you’ve done and continue to do for him!”

    JB (Parent of grade 6 student with ADHD)

    “Working with Christine has given me the skills that I will be able to take with me throughout life. I always look forward to meeting with her and have developed a lot of confidence through our sessions. She has helped me realize things about myself that I didn’t know and I have been growing so much as a person.”

    SK (High School (Grade 11 Honors/AP Student with Anxiety)

    “Love working with Dr. Christine Powell as she has made me a better Educational Psychologist. Her experience as a classroom teacher and academic test administrator has helped me truly understand the connections between assessments and classroom instruction. Christine’s unique ability to connect with students makes her a powerful, positive force in the lives of the students she works with. I highly endorse her for her expertise and ability to make a difference in the skills of individuals fortunate enough to work with her.”

    Dr. Edwin Mills; Educational Psychologist (UCLA)

    “As a family we were at a loss. How do we handle online learning, our child’s feelings of isolation, and him growing dislike of school. We were referred to LearningByConnecting by a friend, checked out the website, and made an appointment. From the first time we spoke, Dr. P was in tune with what we were experiencing with our son (grade 5). My son looks forward to sessions with Dr. P, and we are so appreciative that we now can be parents and not always have to nag him to do homework. He is more accepting of responsibility and is growing into a confident and able student. We all have benefited from what she is teaching him in their ET sessions each week.” 

    D. Samson (Parent/ Grade 5 Student)

    “There was a breakdown in his ability to learn. We were not sure when it all started, but we knew we had to address it, and FAST. Our pediatrician recommended we find an Education Therapist. Finding Dr. P was the best thing to happen to Sean. He started working with her in the summer before he entered high school and we have seen so much maturity and growth in him. He handles stress better, using a watch to track his time, and has gone out for the wrestling team. His confidence is through the roof. Things are now better than we could have ever imagined.”

    Dr. Neads (Parent of a grade 9 high school student)

    He had just about given up on school. We heard about LearningByConnecting through a friend, and called the next morning after an evening of tears and frustration over missing work, late papers, and failing grades. He was reluctant at first, but after just a few sessions, life was turning around for him in amazing ways. Z’s smile returned, and so did my son. Highly recommended for Education Therapy.

    AA (Parent of High Schooler)


    I  want to thank Dr. Powell for everything she has done. When I first contacted Dr. Powell, I was mad, sad, and feeling somewhat defeated with what I felt was an injustice with my daughters IEP.  She has Autism and I felt her needs were not being met in school. Not only did Dr. Powell help me with my daughter’s IEP but, she guided me through the process step by step. Dr. Powell made me feel heard and my voice mattered.  Dr. Powell continues to check in on my daughter’s progress. She really cares about the youth she helps. I can’t thank Dr. Powell enough.

    G. Hernandez (Parent of elementary student with ASD)

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    We serve learners of varying learning profiles and their families. Our approach is interactive, engaging, and focused on the individualized needs of each learner, regardless of age.

    We Create Structure, Teach Strategies, and Build Confidence

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    Education Therapy for K-College Students

    We provide individualized sessions, as unique as your students’ learning profile. We create learning momentum and build upon your child's strengths. Our team specializes in neurobehavioral strategies that build up Executive Functioning. We offer academic assessment and school collaboration services

    Transition: College & Career

    A successful transition from high school to college & career requires planning. Would you benefit from knowing more of what exists is todays training, work and education space? We guide your child through the exploratory stage of college and career exploration, with the goal of empowering them to making informed choices about college and career opportunities.

    Parent Coaching

    Parent coaching is for any parent who wishes to resolve behavioral struggles with their child. Whether you are trying to execute morning routines, battle homework, deal with a strong-willed child, engage with an angry or defiant teenager, guide a child with attention deficit issues, or work through a combination of challenges... we are here to listen and strategize behavioral blueprints.

    Special Education Consulting & Advocacy

    We provide consulting covering many aspects of learning and learning difficulties. For example, parents may feel overwhelmed when dealing with complex school-related matters such as the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process. We can help you sort out what’s most important for your student’s specific situation.