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    The intake appointment is the first step to getting started. It starts with a student meeting, followed by a parent consultation. It is about 1.5 hours total and billed at $135/hr. It can be completed virtually or in-person. Following the intake appointment, we can make recommendations regarding the clinician match, areas of focus, and frequency of sessions, and help set up a weekly schedule.

    1. Meeting With Student

    At the start of the Intake, the clinician meets with the student for 45 minutes to an hour. Whether your student is struggling overall or needs a boost in a certain class or subject, our objective is to discern how your student solves problems and approaches learning new concepts or skills. Observing how a student approaches a given task, such as solving a mystery or telling a story, gives us an opportunity to gather useful information.

    We may use assessment tests and materials during this step, but we use them in an informal setting while engaging the student in conversation to learn more about their personality, interests, and academic environment. 

    2. Meeting With Parent

    Following a meeting with the student, the clinician will meet with parent(s) and/or guardian(s). Depending on the student’s maturity and level of engagement, he or she may be invited to join in this second part of the Intake or enjoy a book or board game in the waiting area.

    If your student has had an educational assessment prior to coming to LearningByConnecting we will review it and can answer any questions you may have about the findings. We will prioritize needs, identify goals, and discuss and recommend specific interventions. We will also determine the frequency of sessions and begin the scheduling process.

    3. Clinician Match

    After the Intake, your student will be carefully matched with a clinician from our dedicated team of specialists and educational therapists and will help set up a weekly schedule. When structuring academic support, we consider your student’s learning profile and temperament as well as the experience and the specialized training of our staff. 

    Following the intake and clinician match, we can also provide Case Management or additional Educational Consulting on a case-by case basis. We can also provide insights into assessments or share referrals for neuropsychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, speech and language therapists, and occupational therapists. 

    Schedule An Intake Appointment

    To schedule an intake appointment or an initial consultation, contact us at 805-750-2019

    What Services Does LearningByConnecting Offer?

    Education Therapy for K-12 Students

    Here is some basic information about our practice: 

    Our team of Learning Specialists have a common ethos- We are child focused, and advocate for learning strategies that fit each child’s unique learning profile.

    Together we work to improve and enhance the learning lives of students with ADHD, executive functioning disorders, dyslexia, reading and processing barriers, and many other learning differences.

    We work with our students to establish a preferred learning structure, teaching them mental strategies, organizational skills, and ultimately building confidence in their ability to acquire and apply knowledge. Our students become the best versions of themselves by rising to their potential. We only accept clients that we believe we can help support.

    Education Therapy

    *Daily 50 minute virtual check-ins include: school portal and assignment tracker, homework plan, review grades, skill development.

    *1, 2 or 3 weekly (50 minutes sessions) to support student learning goals, provide structure and organization for learning.

    *Summer, School Break, and ‘Mind Gym’ Crash Courses (for adults and kids)

    *Weekly Family Check-In’s: Partner to establish homework routines, schedules, and boundaries

    *Academic Testing

    *Special Education Advocacy and Consultation

    College and Career Guidance

    Developing a plan to transition from high school to college and career requires planning. The options are many, and depending on a students goals, their post-secondary trajectories are as unique as they are. We can assist by developing a personal action plan. We use a combination of interest inventories, grades, goals, and research to explore opportunities. Whether your child is in the exploratory stage of college and career exploration, has some idea of a path they want to pursue, or needs guidance with what college and career opportunities exist is todays work and education space- We are here to help be their guide.

    (50 minute sessions)

    *5- 8 Sessions of Private College & Career counseling package

    *Summer 2 day Boot Camp for College & Career Exploration

    (Includes students with Individualized Education Plans, School to Work, & students pursuing Career Technical Education)

    Parent Coaching

    Parenting can be a minefield- Parent coaching is for any parent that wishes to resolve behavioral struggles through structure building and routine setting. Whether your challenge is morning routines, homework struggles, or dealing with a strong-willed child, we can help you set your day up for success. Parent coaching is for any parent who wishes to resolve behavioral struggles with their child. Whether you are trying to engage with an angry or defiant teenager, guide a child with attention deficit issues, or work through a combination of challenges, we are here to listen and strategize behavioral blueprints.

    (50 minute sessions)

    *1, 2, or 3 sessions per week to support behavior change

    *Bi-weekly check-ins and goal tracking

    Educational Assessment

    Academic Achievement Assessments for students utilizing standardized protocols to assess skills such as Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Oral Language.

    Education Advocate

    Personalized support on behalf of the student and student’s family to help navigate the education system, understand the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Attend Individual Education Plan meetings with the parent (as necessary).

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