General Information


Intake$200 per hour.
Intake appointments are approx. 1.5 hours (depending on the student). This meeting involves reviewing documents, meeting with the student, and parent consultation.
Individual Sessions $170 per hour Clinician rate.
Sessions are 50 minutes of student instruction, with ten additional minutes for breaks, notes, and quick check-ins.
Individual Homeschool Support (5+ hours/week) $115-125 per hour
Presentations and Speaking Engagements $200 per hour plus travel and accommodation fees
Parent Consultation $170 per hour Clinician’s rate for assessment review meetings.
Allied Professional Communication/Consultation (with schools, therapists, doctors, etc.) $170 per hour, plus travel time if required.
Documentation Review and Reports Preparation $200 per hour Clinician’s rate.
Academic and/or Domain-Specific Assessments $200 per hour

…If you have questions, connect & we will follow up !

General Information

First step: Connect with us 

We will work with you to schedule a 20 minute information session. In the session, our team member will ask questions to determine if we are a good fit because we know our strengths.

What are the academic and behavioral challenges and what are your concerns?

Diagnosed or undiagnosed ADHD?

Individualized Education Plan/IEP or 504?

My work is individualized per student needs. I offer weekly Education Therapy Sessions (50 minutes); weekly student accountability check-ins; Session Summaries/Feedback to Parents;  IEP Consultation; IEP advocacy; and school collaboration. 

Everyone has unique needs, and profiles look different for each student, parent, and family.

Free 20-Minute Consultation

You’ll have a 20-minute session with Dr. Christine Powell. During this session, she will address your inquiries about ADHD, unique learning profiles, and Ed Therapy, offering valuable insights and answers tailored to your questions.