3 Sneaky Fun Ways To Boost Your Child’s Executive Functioning Skills This Holiday- Dr. Christine Powell

Three children are decorating cookies on a table.

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Hello parents! As we dive into the holiday season, let’s not just celebrate but also seize the opportunity to boost our little ones’ Executive Function (EF) skills. These skills, crucial for future success, can be cultivated through festive activities. Here are A blue pixel art style picture of two hands shaking.:

  1. Wrap Presents Together: Engage your kids in the gift-wrapping process. This activity integrates planning, organization, and task initiation. Allow them to choose wrapping paper, measure and cut, and decide on ribbon colors. Not only does this foster EF skills, but it also adds a personal touch to your holiday preparations.
  2. Baking Extravaganza: Turn cookie baking into an EF-boosting adventure. Have your little ones help with creating shopping lists for ingredients, estimating quantities, and following step-by-step instructions. The multitasking involved in baking promotes flexible thinking, working memory, and impulse control. Plus, the delicious results make it a win-win!
  3. Decorate Together: Transforming your home into a winter wonderland is a fantastic opportunity to enhance EF skills. Let your children take charge of planning the decorations, making choices about color schemes, and deciding where each decoration should go. This fosters decision-making, organization, and attention to detail.

By incorporating these activities into your holiday traditions, you’re not just creating festive moments but also providing valuable opportunities for your little ones to develop essential EF skills. So, let the holiday season be a time of joy, connection, and cognitive growth for your family. Happy holidays!

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