Facing Your Future- How Self Authoring Helps the ADHD Brain (& other brains as well)

As a parent or educator, you’re likely familiar with the challenges children with ADHD and unique learning profiles face in navigating their educational journey, particularly those with co-morbid executive functioning difficulties. Drawing from my experience as an educator and Education Therapist, I’ve witnessed how self-discovery can be a game-changer for individuals that find themselves in […]

Strategies for Success: Tutoring vs. Education Therapy Explored

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The Learning Revolution: Dr. Christine Powell’s Approach to Education Therapy Join host Jawaria Suhail on The Non Clinical MD as we dive deep into the transformative world of education therapy with our distinguished guest, Dr. Christine Powell. From her initial journey in sports medicine to her expansive experience in special education and dealing with ADHD, […]

🌐💡 The Power of Executive Functioning for Busy Professionals By Dr. Christine Powell

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  By Dr. Chrisitne Powell, Ed.D Have you ever taken the Stroop test? It’s not just a fun brain activity; it’s a glimpse into the intricate world of attention and cognitive flexibility—a small snapshot of the executive functions involved in our daily lives. Let’s demystify executive functioning for the on-the-go professional. Picture it as a team of skills, including initiation, […]

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