Strategies for ADHD Success: Tutoring vs. Education Therapy Explored – YouTube with Dr. Christine Powell   The Learning Revolution:   Dr. Christine Powell’s Approach to Education Therapy Join host Jawaria Suhail on The Non-Clinical MD as we dive deep into the transformative world of education therapy with our distinguished guest, Dr. Christine Powell. From her initial journey in sports medicine to her expansive experience in special education and dealing […]

Part 4: Empowering Students with Learning Disabilities w/ Dr. Christine Powell

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Part 4: Empowering Students with Learning Disabilities This blog will provide tips and resources for teachers and parents to empower students with learning disabilities. Discuss the importance of a supportive and inclusive classroom environment. Share success stories and testimonials from educators, parents, and students who have overcome learning disabilities, including ADHD, to thrive in school. […]

Part 3: Spotting Learning Challenges Early w/ Dr. Christine Powell

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Part 3: Spotting Learning Challenges Early The Importance of Early Detection: Learn why early detection and intervention are crucial for students with learning disabilities, including ADHD. The Assessment Process: Discover how educators, specialists, and parents play essential roles in identifying and assessing learning challenges. Case Studies: Dr. Powell will share real-life cases where early intervention […]

Why Don’t They Teach Kids These Skills In School? A Parent’s Guide to the Skills All Kids Need to Know.

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Psychologist Michael Posner first used the term “executive functioning†in the late 1960s. He used the term to describe a set of cognitive processes that are involved in goal-directed behavior, such as planning, problem-solving, and working memory. It is studied and taught in various fields, including psychology, neuroscience, and education.  Today, executive functioning is recognized as […]

How Do Kids Adapt and Learn New Things- Let Me Tell You!

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  As a teacher,  I am constantly amazed by the incredible ability of kids to adapt and learn new things. One of the most incredible examples of this is neuroplasticity, which refers to the brain’s ability to change and reorganize itself throughout a child’s development. One emotional example of neuroplasticity in kids is the way […]

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